Tuesday, February 24, 2009

"MasterCard Marketing"

New Neon "OPEN" Sign....$75.00
1000 Glossy Business Cards....$295.00
1/4 Page Print Ad....$695.00

Membership in the Chamber of Commerce.....PRICELESS!

It's true. Sometimes you DO get more than you pay for. I think membership in the Chamber is one of those times.

Oh sure, you can just stick to the basics when it comes to growing your business. Produce a bunch of flyers, pass out business cards, maybe even run some TV and radio spots. Nothing wrong with that strategy. In fact all of those activities are great ways to market your business.

But standard marketing isn't everything.

What if you bump into a problem that takes you completely by surprise? What if you have trouble getting a permit you need from a government agency? What if you want to connect with other business owners and pick their brains? What if you want to try to break into the new social networking scene? What if...What if...What if...?

Every business owner runs into an issue or two sometime in their career that stumps them. (Okay, maybe not Donald Trump, but most everybody else!) Where can you turn when this happens to you? How about your friends, associates, peers (and yes even competitors) within the broad umbrella of the Chamber of Commerce.

I'll be the first to admit that I don't have all the answers you'll ever need run and grow your business. But it's a pretty good bet that I know somebody who does! That's the beauty of a business association like the Chamber of Commerce. With over 950 members, we surely know somebody who can help you out. And the great thing is, most everybody DOES want to help. Especially now.

So what's the real benefit of Chamber membership? Building relationships with other business leaders who've "been there and done that". It's the relationship part that's priceless.....

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