Wednesday, October 1, 2014

A few months before SkyWest notified the City that it will discontinue commercial air service on December 2nd, I half-seriously predicted that 2015 will be the "Year of the Airport." Last Tuesday, when the Chamber agreed to head up the Airline Attraction Committee, we took a central role in shaping the future of the airport and commercial air service in Chico. While we build our strategy and engage stakeholders, I'm receiving comments and letters from local business owners ranging in tone from celebratory to disconsolate. On October 28th, we will return to the joint City Council and Airport Commission meeting with an early plan. In the meantime, I invite your letters and comments on the airport. Does your business rely on commercial air service? What is your ideal destination for air travel out of Chico? Are you willing to incentivize the return of air service by contributing to a travel bank? I want to hear from you.

In October, after months of cooperative negotiations, we expect to bring a revised alarm ordinance to the City Council with high levels of support from our local alarm businesses and law enforcement. The revised ordinance seeks to meet two goals: 1) restore police response to burglar alarms, and 2) decrease overall calls for service. Restoring police response will rebuild confidence and security within our business community, and decreasing overall calls for service will help us redirect safety resources that are lost when false alarms occur.

Now that the City has committed to restoring police staffing over the next 4 years, Clean & Safe Chico has committed to rolling out a public information campaign in the coming months. Too often, we hear distress that nothing is being done when, in fact, there are many hands and hearts and minds hard at work on the very issues that fill our social media spheres day in and day out. We know there is still much to be done, but when you hear good news or see a good deed please share it.
Katie Simmons and Chris Constantin, Assistant City Manager for the City of Chico, at the League of California Cities on September 4, 2014.

On that note, in September, Team Chico was awarded the prestigious Helen Putnam Award for Excellence from the League of California Cities (see photo). This award was given in the category of community services and economic development and recognizes the innovative model of teamwork now reaching and supporting businesses in the Chico area. Read our annual report here. We couldn't do what we do without your constant support and participation - thank you for your membership!