Tuesday, May 15, 2012

The Spotlight is on...Deer Creek Broadcasting!

At the Chico City Council Meeting on May 1, 2012, the Chico Chamber of Commerce highlighted Deer Creek Broadcasting in our Business Spotlight presentation. The purpose of our Spotlight program is to demonstrate the significant impact various businesses in Chico have on our local economy. With us during the presentation was Dino Corbin, Market Manager for Deer Creek Broadcasting.

I'm pleased to share our presentation:

"This story actually begins in 1935, when the Chico Chamber of Commerce asked Harry Smithson and Sidney Lewis to put KHSL –AM on the air. The first letters of these gentlemen’s first and last names formed the call letters KHSL. In 1936, KHSL was purchased by Hugh and Mickey McClung of the Golden Empire Broadcasting Company. In 1953, the McClungs founded KHSL-TV, the first commercial television station in the Northstate. Mickey McClung was noteworthy as one of the first female broadcast pioneers in this industry. The McClung family and their Golden Empire Broadcasting owned and operated these stations until 1994, when the radio and TV stations were sold to different parties. At that time, KHSL-AM & FM joined KPAY and the MIX under Craig McCoy’s ownership.

In 2001, Clear Channel Broadcasting purchased the radio stations, then selling these stations in 2004 to the current ownership group, Deer Creek Broadcasting. They currently operate six different radio stations, News-talk 1290 KPAY, Adult Contemporary MIX 95.1, KHSL Country, the #1 Spanish language radio station north of Sacramento KHHZ, Sports-talk 1340 KEWE and 101.7 FM ESPN Radio.

This is the only electronic media company in Chico with local ownership. With a staff of 28, these six radio stations provide compelling information, live local news, entertainment, local weather, local high school and college sports coverage and live remote services. KPAY 1290 was the primary live radio news source during the tragic Paradise fires of 2008. Several former employees have gone on to successful positions in major radio markets.

Deer Creek Broadcasting Market Manager and Partner, William Dino Corbin, graduated from California State University Chico in 1975. He was recently recognized by Chico State with the 2012 Distinguished Alumni Service Award. Dino Corbin’s illustrious background includes a 40-year career in radio and television stations and newspapers, publication of books and articles, and appearances on national radio and television programs. He served for three years as the president of the California Broadcasters Association.

All of this is overshadowed by Mr. Corbin’s involvement with the 33 civic and community organizations listed on his resume. Dino is currently involved with eight of these organizations, and his role with each is significant. Corbin is president of the Chico Chapter of the Chico State Alumni Association, he serves as a member of Butte Pioneers Economic Planning Committee, he is the current chairman of the Chico Concours d’Elegance, and he is president of the Stansbury Home Preservation Association. Mr. Corbin has made it clear through his personal example and through his management, that the most important charge for Deer Creek Broadcasting is to serve their communities.

Through numerous Public Service Announcements Deer Creek Broadcasting provides over $200,000. worth of air-time to their communities. This company supports directly and indirectly 58 jobs, providing personal income of $1.8million. Local and state taxes total $379,000. This company supports 130 people, 15 in grade school, 8 in high school and 51 households. The total annual economic impact of Deer Creek Broadcasting is $10.5million."

We thank Deer Creek Broadcasting for their participation in our Business Spotlight program. To learn more about what they do, please visit www.kpay.com

Please join us at the first Chico City Council meeting of each month to hear a new Business Spotlight presentation.

We know you mean business...and we do, too!

~ Katie