Thursday, January 28, 2010

Better Late Than Never

The good news from the State of the Union Address last night was the President Obama's assertion that jobs will be the number one focus of the Administration in 2010. Thank heavens. Washington is at least a year late coming to the party, but at least they've finally sent their RSVP. Hope springs eternal that they will pick up the jobs banner and run like the wind. Creating long term, sustainable private-sector jobs is the only sure way out of this economic mess.

This has been the Chico Chamber of Commerce message for decades. Successful business makes everything else possible! So in case any of them are listening...we don't care if it's an election year for you or not...roll up your sleeves and get some real work done to help the private sector create some jobs. Stay focused and get it done. Millions of jobless American's are counting on you.

We can only hope that Sacramento was listening too! California legislators are notorious for creating legislation that makes it nearly impossible for private business to easily succeed. The most recent example of this is SB 657 (Steinberg-D). This bill would mandate that "every retail seller and manufacturer doing business in this state develop, maintain and implement a policy addressing the eradication of slavery and human trafficking from their supply chain." Holy Cow.

The Chico Chamber of Commerce opposes this bill. I am confident that the business community collectively opposes slavery, human trafficking and the abusive treatment of workers. However, this legislation makes California employers responsible for the actions of businesses with which they have no contractual relationships, usually located in other countries.

The legislation also calls for the formation of a new commission of political appointees, whose authority includes charging fees to California companies they find non-compliant with the rules they create. Hmmmmmm.

This is exactly the type of legislation we are talking about when we call for the elimination of burdensome, punitive, expensive laws that make it so darned unattractive to do business in California.

How bad does the economy have to get before Sacramento begins to understand that they are they are not only killing the goose that lays the golden egg, they are cooking it and serving it up on skewers! For goodness sake...stop the madness...we can't afford it anymore!

Successful business makes everything else possible. Come on...say it with me....SUCCESSFUL BUSINESS MAKES EVERYTHING ELSE POSSIBLE.

Can you hear us now?


  1. Tell about the new Chamber Business Connections, looks like a networking meeting on Wed Feb 3rd at 7:30am at the Chamber Conference Room.

  2. That's exactly right! We are "reinventing" the Wake Up Now Program with some new features that we hope will make it more beneficial for members to network. The first event is Wednesday February 3 at the Chamber and will move to other member businesses in the subsequent weeks. Hope you can make it. Thanks for the question!